If you can prove your capabilities with evidence, a degree won’t matter. Employers are looking for someone that can provide value to their business. The degree is a very basic signal for this and with the age of technology, you can build a much better one yourself. Praxis teaches you how to identify your most valuable skills and translate them into something tangible. Think about this:

You’re hiring for a coding position at your company. You only have two applicants to choose from.

Person A: I graduated from Boise State University with a degree in computer science and I’ve loved computers since I was a kid. I’m great at working on a team and I’m responsible. My greatest weakness is that I’m a perfectionist.

That’s all great and important, but consider how clear the value proposition is compared to this applicant.

Person B: Ever since I was young, computers fascinated me and I was always trying to figure out how they worked. When I finally picked up coding, I swear I didn’t come out of my room for 3 days because I was so lost in it. Since then, I’ve designed websites for two different companies, had an app published, and wrote code for a motion tracking software. I’ve attached links to these projects below for you to check out.

That’s much more effective, and they didn’t even mention a degree! At that point, the value this person could provide outweighs the value of a third party credential, and our business partners know that.

At Praxis, we’re focused on showing rather than telling. One of our alumni, Salem Marrero, landed an analyst position with the Tampa Bay Rays by utilizing his digital body of work and the experience he gained from his apprenticeship at Innovu.

During the interview process, I found that my lack of a degree actually helped me in a lot of areas. Whenever I was asked about how I learned some algorithm or developed some skill, I had a story about either making it for a personal project, or learning it through work and seeing how it actually integrates with a system to create value.    -Salem Wolcott Marrero, R&D Analyst, Tampa Bay Rays

The companies we work with know that someone who completes the Praxis program has joined the top 1% of young professionals in terms of their ability to create value at a company, regardless of age or degree status. Can Praxis change your life? Apply now and find out!

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October 26, 2018