Over the past decade, Praxis has helped nearly a thousand young adults build personal, professional, and financial independence – without college or student debt. The results speak for themselves.

A Decade of Proof You Don't Need College

Many graduates have gone on to successful corporate, startup, and non-profit careers. Some have risen through the ranks of Directors, Vice Presidents, and even C-Suites. Some graduates have started businesses. Others have built careers around their creative passions – including countless photographers, videographers, authors, designers, artists, musicians, writers, podcasters, and more.

Most alumni achieve financial independence by graduation, if not sooner. In many cases, they go on to be among the top percentile of earners for their age cohorts. Not to mention, only a select few alumni have ever taken on student debt.

Beyond their careers, countless alumni have started families. Many have purchased their first homes and settled down. Many have capitalized on the arbitrage opportunity of remote work – relocating back to areas with lower cost of living while still capturing high wages. In this regard, many alumni have achieved a rare kind of freedom. Location independence and high earnings enable them to live and work wherever they want. 

Those feats alone would be impressive. Many modern working professionals never achieve many of those milestones. But countless Praxis graduates have achieved all of that – in most cases, well before age 30.

What You Need Instead of College

People often ask us – will I still need a college degree if I do Praxis? My answer is always the same: to do what? 

For people who ask, it’s rarely about the college degree in the first place. It’s about what they hope a degree can get them. But few ever question their motives enough to recognize the simpler path to get what they want.

You don’t need to wait four years to get started. You don’t need student debt to afford it. 

All you need is curiosity, character, courage, a little elbow grease, and a positive vision for your future.

Most ambitious young adults already have the right raw material in spades. They’re intellectually curious. Their word is their bond. They’re willing to go against the grain. And they’re hard workers. 

But even ambitious young adults can struggle with the positive vision part.

That’s where Praxis can help.

A Positive Vision For Your Life and Career

In under a year, our program helps young adults who already have the right raw material create a roadmap for their lives and careers.

Working alongside peers and mentors, students enact that roadmap. They set and meet goals. They build life and career skills. They gain work experience. They grow their professional network. They explore and hone their option set. 

In short, they build momentum. Then comes the fun part, they graduate and apply that momentum in the direction they want to take their lives and careers.

For most, that means starting a new career-oriented job. For some, that means launching (or growing) a freelance, service, or online business. For others, that means building a career around their creative passion – like writing, photography, videography, art, design, music, etc.

Rather than waiting four years to make a cold start, Praxis graduates get a running start into their adult and professional lives. Sometimes even before they graduate high school.

Not Just Peers, But Fellow Pioneers

Unlike college, Praxis graduates don’t make the leap into the real world alone. In fact, they’re plugged into a vibrant community of peers who are currently making – or have already made – the exact same leap. And that’s where the real magic happens.

Nearly a thousand young adults – all brought together by a shared spirit of acting out positive visions for their lives and careers – engaging with and encouraging one another as they pioneer their own adventures.

In that way, success is contagious in The Praxis Community. But success is measured differently, too. Not by traditional metrics like money or status, but by the degree to which alumni take ownership of their lives and careers.

Here's To The Next Decade

While it’s still day one at Praxis, I can’t help but marvel at the ripple effect of nearly a thousand young adults deliberately opting out of college and student debt – to do something different. 

To enact a positive vision for their lives and their futures. Rather than the outdated, broken vision of higher education. 

It’s amazing what a decade can accomplish. Here’s to the next 10 years.

-Mitchell Earl, Chief Operating Officer

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January 22, 2024