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  • 8 Videos Completed. 8 Bad Arguments For College Defeated.

T.K. Coleman

T.K. has helped young people launch their careers for years. He’s watched them succeed without degrees. He’s seen them impress businesses all over the country with their hustle and hunger to learn. And now, he’s taking on the pro-college debate points that are thrown in their faces:

“At least go to college to build your network.”
“College gives you meaning.”
“College will help you find direction.”

And many more!

T.K. says those arguments are invalid.


1. “You need college to find meaning.”

Episode 1 addresses an argument attributed to Professor Gardner Campbell of Virginia Commonwealth University in this Wall Street Journal article:

Check out the video here!

In response to the growing popularity of college alternatives, the WSJ says,

“What they lack is an accredited degree, the longtime entry ticket to a professional career, and the traditional trappings of college including a full liberal arts education. While alternative colleges can teach a person how to work, they don’t teach their students why they are working. Without that context, graduates of these programs run the risk of becoming well-paid drones.”

TK tackles this argument head-on and breaks down:

  1. Why taking unconventional paths in life actually requires to more self-awareness and critical thinking than following the herd
  2. How the real world and the job market requires skin in the game, which is harder to build in the classroom



2.”College is the best place to network.”

Episode 2 addresses a quote from Y Combinator founder Sam Altman in his blog post, Advice for ambitious 19-year-olds

Check it out!

Sam wrote,

“If you stay in college, make sure you learn something worthwhile and work on interesting projects—college is probably the best place to meet people to work with. If you’re really worried you’ll miss some critical social experience by dropping out of college, you should probably stay.”

T.K. breaks down the difference between a horizontal network and a vertical network and why it’s valuable to expand your vertical network early in your career.



3.”College is the best place to figure out what you want to do.”

In episode 3, TK takes on the argument that college is the best way to explore your options and figure out what you want to do. TK argues that if you don’t know what career to pursue yet, college is a far too expensive “investment” and inefficient way to do that.

He responds to this specific Facebook comment he received:

“I would suggest that students who immediately want to opt out of college often have no other direction to follow, not bc there are not other pathways, but because the person doesn’t know what they want to do. College is a pathway that allows people to explore options, and develop a network. I think the business experience that Praxis offers, combined with a couple of years of vocational school (partnership with Praxis) would provide another entrepreneurial pathway.”

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