Mitchell Earl on Lions of Liberty

Recently Praxis COO joined the host of Lions of Liberty, Marc Clair, to chat about his career story, higher education, the coronavirus, and more. Listen to the episode: Spotify Apple Podcasts Stitcher Here are some highlights from the episode: How Mitchell first got involved in education He was the straight-A overachieving student. He was hell-bent […]
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Dear Class of 2020

Dear class of 2020, You’ve been on my mind a lot lately. (And just to be clear, I’m in the camp that believes people posting their senior pictures on Facebook probably doesn’t soften the blow of you missing your final experiences at school. No matter how well-meaning the gesture.)     But we can’t get […]
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5 Ways to Step up Your Game in 2020

The 10’s decade has come to a close. What kind of a mark have you left on the world? Or, more importantly, what kind of mark are you going to leave on the world? The people that make the biggest impression aren’t often the ones that do one big thing that changes the world. Often, […]
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How to Start a Company with Phil Delvecchio

On this week’s Praxis Monday workshop, we were joined by Praxis alum Philip Delvecchio. After moving to NYC during his Praxis experience and working at a startup accelerator, Phil went on to start his own company, Hapday Group, which specializes in helping international companies enter the U.S. market. He’s an international speaker and has worked […]
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