Discover your potential. Launch your career at a growing business without the cost or hassle of college. One year. No degree required.

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Build Skills

You'll build a combination of soft and hard skills that can be applied to a variety of careers.

Get Hired

You'll graduate Praxis with a full-time job.

Grow Your Network

You'll join a network of ambitious current apprentices and past graduates.

Praxis is a year-long program that results in a full-time paid job at a growing business.

The practical alternative to college (and mounds of debt)

Praxis is ideal for talented and motivated recent high school graduates, college drop-outs, and early career professionals in the United States. It can be completed as an alternative to college, graduate programs, or trade school.

Join Hundreds of Alumni Across the US

You'll build in-demand skills that help you get ahead.

When you're accepted into Praxis, you're joining the ranks of hundreds of entrepreneurial young adults and young professionals across the country who wanted more than college. Launch your career alongside peers and alumni who will challenge you to level up your skills and support your personal development.

How the program works

12 Months of Self-directed education with real-world experience

Instead of homework or exams, you’ll learn how business works, explore how your interests map to different career paths, build valuable hard and soft skills through hands-on projects, workshops, and professional coaching. 

You’ll also be guided through our proven, step-by-step process to make the strongest possible impression with each company you’d like to work with. Your placement advisors will be with you every step of the way until you get hired.

Even parents get it.

Still have questions? We’ve got you covered.

Frequently asked questions

Our program will help you gain the skills, context, and network that will set you up for success in the real world.

It is designed to challenge you and to prepare you for the real world. Unlike college, our goal is not to get you to graduation. It’s to help you discover work that makes you come alive—and to help you start strong. Our cost reflects another important value of ours, too: deliver more value than you take. Which is exactly what we aim to do. Because starting strong is hard enough as it is without student debt. But ultimately, the choice is up to you. Are you ready to break the mold?
The bootcamp makes up the first six months of the program – and also includes our placement process. You’ll discover career interests that fit your strengths, build valuable business skills, create a portfolio of projects that will stand out on the job market and ultimately, finish the first six months of the program with a new full-time job.

The bootcamp and placement process is 100% remote, so you can do it from anywhere. It combines a project-based curriculum with bi-weekly live workshops and guidance from program coaches and experienced professionals that hold you accountable to your goals, not ours.

The bootcamp requires a 10-15 hour weekly time commitment that is flexible to your schedule.
Participants land exciting opportunities at a variety of growing businesses and tech startups all across the country (and remote). Most of the roles are entry-level positions on the business side of a company (sales, marketing, operations) that are ideal for talented, hard working young people who can learn quickly and independently. All the opportunities that participants land are full-time and offer long-term growth opportunities. Graduates average a first-year salary of $50,000.
Tuition is $12,000—which covers the full cost of our program and job placement, in addition to lifetime access to our community and hiring network. You can pay tuition upfront or finance it. We've worked with our lending partner, Climb Credit, to create a loan specifically for our apprentices which offers a six-month grace period once you start the program before you begin monthly payment.
Many participants relocate to growing cities across the country for their job opportunities or prioritize remote work opportunities. Don’t worry, we won’t force you to accept a job you’re unsure about or move to a new city you don’t want to. Our placement team partners with you throughout the process to help you find the best early-career opportunities that fit your interests.

We don’t care about your GPA, who your parents know, or your credentials. We’re seeking ambitious individuals who want to build a professional life they love and are capable of being positive contributors to our growing community. If you like to work, are intellectually curious, and have a little courage, we would love to get to know you better through the application process.