Book a Praxis Talk or Webinar for Your Group in 2018

Today we’re excited to officially open bookings for Praxis talks and webinars throughout 2018.
In 2017, Praxis team members gave dozens of talks and live webinars around the world at small meet up groups, classrooms, large conferences, and everything in between in places as far apart as Lviv, Ukraine and Jackson, Mississippi.
Topics included “building your own credential, “how to create your career,” “apprenticeships and the future of education,” “skipping college and educating yourself,” and more.
If you’re a student, a conference manager, a parent, teacher, or professional and are interested in booking a Praxis speaker for a live event or a webinar, please email about your event.
In-person bookings usually fill up a few months in advance but webinars can be scheduled up to a week in advance of the event.

Current Praxis team member talks confirmed for 2018:

January 19th //Startup Societies Foundation (Georgetown University)
June 7th // FEECon 2018  (Atlanta, Georgia)
August 16th //TOS-Con 2018 (Richmond, Virginia)