Investing in Courses and Creating Value Without Waiting for Permission | Office Hours Podcast

This week on Office Hours, TK and Isaac talk about branding and answer questions about Tai Lopez and how to create more value at work if you have free time.


  • I’m thinking about investing in one of Tai Lopez’s courses? What do you guys think?
  • I have free time at my job but don’t know how I can create more value. How can I move forward?

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Topics Covered:

  • “You should get in touch with [insert extremely hard to reach person]”
  • Swearing in branding
  • Branding is not just about attracting the right audience it’s about repelling the wrong audience.
  • Everybody gets one-star reviews
  • Thinking like an owner
  • Fear of getting stuck doing low-level tasks
  • Unless you are doing great at your job, you can’t say it’s easy
  • Not waiting for permission to create value
  • You get high-value work by doing low-value work