Why Should I Apply to the Praxis Startup Internship Program?

Last week we announced a new pilot program, the Praxis Startup Internship Program.
For years now we’ve been discussing as a company a lighter weight Praxis experience that we could offer young people who love Praxis and what it offers but who, because of other commitments, goals, or lifestyle decisions, can’t commit to the full 12-month program at this stage in their life. This new program offers exactly that.
Participants of the program, which begins in March 2018, will complete a 3-month professional bootcamp and a 3-month PAID internship at a startup in one of the follow cities: Austin, Atlanta, or San Francisco.
If you like what the full program has to offer, the obvious question that follows is why should I apply to the Praxis Internship Program?

1) You want real-world experience at a startup but enough time to focus on things outside of work

Praxis participants are some of the most dynamic young people in the world. It’s not uncommon for an applicant of the program to be juggling a part-time job, a sport, a personal project and a hobby. For some people, these other commitments make it difficult or impossible for them to do the full program. Instead of 12 months, this new program is 6 months. Instead of a 40-hour per week apprenticeship, you complete a 20-hour per week internship.
Whether you’re a student, an athlete, an artist, a performer, or just someone who values a bit more free time, you’ll be able to do the Praxis Internship Program at the same time.
You’ll leave the internship experience with the beginnings of a solid professional portfolio and an understanding of where and how to take the next steps in your career path.

2) You’re not sure about college and before jumping into it you want to explore another path

The Praxis Internship Program is perfect for someone who loves what Praxis has to offer but is still considering college somewhere down the road. You’ll learn how to be more interesting than your college degree in the hiring process, how to turn the process of learning into a process of creation, how to establish a valuable digital footprint, and how to land any job you want after school.
You can complete the bootcamp during the second semester of high school or college and then jump right into a 3-month internship over the summer instead of committing to taking time off school. By the end of the program, you’ll have a clear understanding of whether or not college is going to be the right next step in achieving your goals.

3) You want to be part of a tight knit group of entrepreneurial peers to inspire and enlighten you

Every Wednesday during the Praxis Internship Program is dedicated to workshops, group discussions, advisor calls and hangouts with other participants. You’ll meet with experts in their fields, hear from thinkers, entrepreneurs, artists, and other professionals, and work with other participants of the program on projects, troubleshooting things at your job, and learning new skills.
You’ll also have access to a 24/7 Facebook community with Praxis staff, advisors and fellow participants. Participants regularly host digital meet ups, launch businesses, or take on side projects together.¬†Lifetime access to this exclusive community extends to all program alumni as well.

Interested in applying?

Applications for the pilot program are open until February 2018. Classes begin in March 2018. Apply now!
Participants who complete the internship are eligible to join the full program upon graduation if they choose.