A Quick Praxis Team Update

“I can learn anything”

Meet our new CTO, Chuck Grimmett!
Chuck has been advising Praxis participants and helping the team with tech problems for a few years now, and taking our curriculum and tech to the next level meant we had to get him on the team full time.  Chuck is a polymath, and among his many talents are cooking and cocktail making, which you can read about on his blog about food.
Big letters make it important

Chuck and Education Director TK Coleman spent a few days in Charleston earlier this month for a marathon session on the next upgrades and advancements to the Praxis curriculum, community, and coaching experience.
Chuck and TK are like a two-headed monster dead-set on creating the best educational experience in the world.  The only thing more fun than working with them is listening to them discuss the history of hip-hop music.
New world record?

Charleston was graced with several more team members just one week later, when Sara, Diana, Cameron, Simon, and Brian descended onto a hip conference room in the Launch Pad co-working space downtown to get some work done and prep for the big Rugged Maniac race on Saturday morning.
We came, we saw, we conquered.  There was blood, sweat, toil, and tears.  And we also ran the race.
Or was it really a music video?

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Marketing Director Derek Magill was speaking to hundreds of students in Prague about how to break the mold and create their own career, credentials or not.
A quick plane trip took Derek to New York, where he and Chuck had some quality time, quality food, and revamped a quality marketing and customer service platform that can scale much faster as we grow.
In their spare time they put on a workshop for the Praxis community.
Not to be forgotten…
We also had some momentous new emojis introduced to the team Slack.  Someone deleted Derek’s favorite emoji, so he began exclusively using the Hardy Boys in protest until the mystery is solved.  A bearded emoji joined along with Chuck, and Lloyd Christmas was created to enhance the constant Dumb & Dumber references.