Praxis in Prague: How to Get a Job without a Degree (Video)

This past weekend I had the opportunity to travel to Prague to speak to hundreds of students at LibertyCon 2017 about Praxis and our model for the future of education.
Praxis has been getting international attention in places as distant as Ecuador, India, and Australia, and it was exciting to see that students in Europe are starting to wake up to the reality that they need to put themselves in the driver’s seat of their education and career path if they want to lead a successful and happy life.
The main points of the talk were:

  1. Your college degree will not guarantee you a job. You need real skills and experiences.
  2. When employers say they require college degrees, they really mean they require people who can create more value than they take out in salary. Once you realize this, it’s your job to show them that.
  3. The best way to show an employer you’re valuable is not a resume and not a college course list — you need a value proposition. You need to identify what you can work on for the company that will add value and present that to them.

Here’s the live recording made by two Praxis participants currently living in Europe:

A written version of this talk is available here.
Although the full Praxis program is not currently in Europe, if you’re interested in the program, please apply! We have a number of international participants and we can work to accommodate you if you’re accepted.
We have ambitious plans to expand the full program across the world, but in the meantime, we’re available to do workshops, seminars, talks, and other events in Europe and elsewhere abroad. If you’re interested in hosting a Praxis speaker, please email me at