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Do I need a high school diploma to join Praxis?

Absolutely not.
Some of our most successful participants joined the program before they’d finished high school. They’ve completed the program successfully and have had no problem growing in their careers. We even encourage younger people to apply because it means they’ll have even more of a head start on their life.
An important thing to remember when applying for Praxis is that our admissions team is not looking for people who want to check off boxes. Your diploma status will not be taken into account during the admissions process because we simply haven’t found it to be a reliable measure of someone’s character and abilities. Instead, you’ll be evaluated based off the answers you provide at each step in the application process, your past experience, and whether we think we can help you get to where you want to be in your life.
We’d rather see a solid, completed project that you’re proud of than a transcript. If you’re stuck about what that looks like, schedule a call with a Praxis rep! Your rep can help you clarify and concretize the things you’ve done as well as assist you in coming up with something to work on to show you’re ready for the program.