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Can Praxis still help me if I’m more interested in arts than business?

Depends what you want to do with art.
Praxis will help you build a personal brand, professional hard and soft skills, and a body of work through the bootcamp and curriculum. We will help you push yourself to break through obstacles that inhibit your growth through coaching. You’ll build a powerful set of mindsets and a diverse network of like-minded individuals through the community. You’ll gain an understanding of what makes businesses work, and experience in the world of startups through the apprenticeship.
This combination of experience, skills, knowledge, network, and confidence is a powerful accelerant to almost any career.
You won’t get specialized art training and techniques through the program. Praxis is not designed to convey deep knowledge of highly specific skills. It is designed to deliver a broader set of skills and experiences that build foundational traits like thinking entrepreneurially, and knowing how to learn independently and get things done.
Many participants with artistic interests find this to be invaluable. They continue pursuing mastery of their craft, often by tailoring parts of the curriculum and coaching, while adding these more general skills and business knowledge through the program. Even an artist has to understand markets, know how to sell, and act entrepreneurially. That’s the part Praxis brings.
Some – not all – of our business partners are in media, digital marketing, and other areas where artistic skill may be valuable, but ALL of our business partners allow participants to be challenged, grow, and learn how to create value for others.
Praxis isn’t an art school. We don’t pretend to promise technical skill in the arts. What we offer is an intensive 12 month experience that will push participants to be the best version of themselves, understand the market landscape, and think like an entrepreneur.
If that sounds like a powerful compliment to artistic interests, apply today and see what we can do for you. Many artists have done so. If it doesn’t sound relevant to your goals and interests with art, find something that does. Praxis isn’t for everyone and we work only with those who are all-in on our approach to personal growth and career success.