What Praxis Participants Are Creating: Weekly Roundup

The act of creation is powerful and at Praxis we help all our participants make creativity a regular part of their lives. It’s simply the best way to discover what makes you come alive, build new skills, and provide a track record of the value you can create for others. Praxis participants aren’t focused on creating the perfect one-page resume, they’re building the life full of interesting projects that make them stand out from the crowd.
As our participants work on passion projects, blog on big ideas, and even start businesses of their own, I’ll be updating you on what they’re up to and the progress they’re making.
Here’s this week’s roundup:
3D Prints by Alex Wahl
Alex has been intrigued by 3D printing for a few years and decided to start his own print shop as part of one of his monthly Personal Development Projects through the program.  Check it out and let Alex know if you’d like him to design and print a customized item for you.
Kid’s Entrepreneur Camp by Abbey Lovett
Abbey has just wrapped up her high school experience and will be starting Praxis in September. We’re really excited to start working with her full-time on her many entrepreneurial projects. Next month she’ll be hosting an entrepreneur camp for kids in Louisiana.
A Method to Find Your Reason by Evan Le
Evan regularly blogs at his personal site on personal development. I particularly enjoyed his latest piece on how you can ask yourself a few simple questions to understand why you made the decisions you did.
Reviews/Podcasts on Music & Lifestyle Festivals by Alynne Powers
March 2016 participant, Alynne Powers, is regularly reviewing and podcasting on the growing festival community here in the U.S. You can follow her entire blog here.