Apply Now for Exclusive Praxis Positions

Praxis is a place for entrepreneurial, ambitious young people and our business partners know it. Every day we have both new companies and companies we’ve worked with in the past come to us asking for participants. These companies work all over the United States (and some even outside the United States!) and in every industry imaginable.
Our business partners are growinginteresting, and successful companies that do everything from developing hardware and software for virtual reality headsets to bringing tech to the accounting world to managing construction companies and commercial real estate. What matters is that they can guarantee an experience where a Praxis participant will be in the trenches, learning what it is like to run a successful business.
These positions are going to go fast in early 2016. Apply now for the opportunity to be considered.
Some of the current positions they are looking for…

  • Customer Support at a venture-backed consumer education-tech company
  • Marketing at a supra-regional home and commercial security company
  • Marketing at a growing investment-publishing company
  • Media Production at a major media outlet
  • Franchise Owner Apprentice at a national equipment distribution company
  • Sales at a growing enterprise-tech company
  • Business Development at a growing boutique wealth management company

And so much more, including:

Some of these positions are only available for a short period of time. Apply now for the opportunity to get the best fit for you!

Are you a business owner interested in hosting a Praxis participant? Contact me to learn more.

Positions featured on the Praxis blog are not the only ones currently open and available. If you don’t see a position that interests you but are interested in the program, apply anyway. Our growing business partner network has an opportunity for you.