Spend a Year Learning from a Successful Entrepreneur | Apply to Praxis to Work with Ceterus

Image: Ceterus Offices
Praxis is looking for an entrepreneurial young person to place at our business partner, Ceterus, in their Business Development Associate role. The participant will be working directly with Ceterus’ CEO and VP of Business Development learning the ins and outs of the business development strategies and overall business operations of a growing company.
This is a life-changing opportunity. If you have an interest in learning directly from successful entrepreneurs while building an exceptional professional portfolio, apply to Praxis to join their team!
Note: This position will be filled very soon, so keep reading to learn more and apply now if you’re interested!


Praxis is a one year program where you learn by doing. We place you at an amazing company where you work alongside entrepreneurs while also completing our rigorous education experience which includes one-on-one coaching, self-guided projects, hard and soft skills training, and more. Why wait and hope to find a job you like when you can create a career you love today?
After acceptance you complete a two-month bootcamp where you build a website and prepare for an entrepreneurial experience. After the bootcamp the next ten months combine paid work at a startup with intensive personal development and education.


Ceterus empowers entrepreneurs with innovative financial reporting and on-time bookkeeping services delivered in the cloud to clients throughout the United States. (Visit Their Website)
Meet Levi, CEO of Ceterus – Levi Morehouse is an entrepreneur who’s launched several startups and is the founder and CEO of Ceterus, Inc. Through his constant contact with business owners across the country, he’s noticed growing demand for quality young workers, and decreasing value to college degrees. The vision of getting top young workers into small businesses to create value and learn at the same time inspired him to be a part of Praxis.
• Attend conferences as a junior member of sales team
• Research new prospects, contacts, and industries for the sales team
• Make cold/warm calls to prospects in specific niche markets
• Send cold emails to prospects in specific niche markets
• Research new cloud technology solutions for possible use by clients
• Administrative work for the CEO and Founder


This is not a coffee-making internship experience, but a full immersion in the world of innovative enterprise.
Participants should come into the job expecting something most of them will have never experienced before. Praxis positions are designed to offer the participant an accelerated professional experience that will take them from zero to one and beyond.
The most important requirements are a commitment to personal growth, value creation, and a willingness to embrace challenging professional situations.
Other requirements for this position include:
• Strong technology skills using web-based applications such as Google Drive and Mail.
• Great communication skills
• Ability to learn on the fly
• No excuses, get things done personality
• Live or relocate to Charleston, South Carolina (That’s where the Praxis team is!)
Praxis is NOT easy — our business partners expect the very best, but if you think you’re up for the challenge, and you want to kickstart your career, this is for you.


The Praxis Education Experience is built around outcomes, not just activities. Participants create tangible results through projects and tailored learning plans. The program delves into everything from digital skills and professional proficiencies to core concepts in philosophy, history, economics, technology, and business. While the business experience takes place onsite, the education component is done remotely through an online portal and interactive communication.
The participant is in control of this experience. With the assistance and coaching of Praxis advisors, participants create a professional development course to accelerate their growth. Between access to a world-class curriculum library, connections with entrepreneurs and intellectuals, and all the resources of the Praxis network, the education experience can’t be beat by sitting in a classroom. Learn more about the Praxis Education Experience.

A Look At Who You Will Be Working With and Learning from During the Program:

Meet T.K – T.K. Coleman is an entrepreneur, writer, public speaker, philosopher, and the Education Director at Praxis. Participants will work with T.K. throughout the program to complete personal development plants, grow professionally, and become more valuable, more marketable individuals.

Meet Cameron – Cameron Sorsby is a Praxis graduate and a Participant Adviser at Praxis. Participants connect with Cameron  weekly to meet with entrepreneurs all around the country, develop plans to achieve their program goals, and learn hard and soft skills.


Praxis classes start every month now, and we’d love to have you on board. Participants from our most recent graduating class were hired by business partners, went on to start their own businesses, and created portfolios of valuable skills and experiences that will stay with them their entire lives.
You can find out more about Praxis here, or you go ahead and apply now. Make sure to indicate in your application that you are interested in the Ceterus position.

Positions featured on the Praxis blog are not the only ones currently open and available. If you don’t see a position that interests you but are interested in the program, apply anyway. Our growing business partner network has an opportunity for you.