3 Short Videos Young Entrepreneurs Should Watch Right Now

With the Praxis Winter 2015 class going through the entrepreneurship module right now, I’ve been thinking about what are some of my favorite pieces from our library of resources that are easily consumable.
Here are three videos I’ve come back to a few times since completing the Praxis program myself. They are short enough to watch over a lunch break and have helped me become more productive over the last 6 months. Enjoy!
The World Couldn’t Care Less About Your Ideas, Robert Greene
Robert Greene gives solid and concise advice for those who are starting their first entrepreneurial ventures. Persuasion and not being afraid to fail are key.

6 Things I Wish I Knew on Day 1 at Berkely, Derek Sivers
Derek Sivers makes some poignant points on what it takes to succeed, including setting your own expectations and how to keep focused. He’s speaking to an incoming freshman class at Berkley, but anyone can find something useful in his remarks.

Life Lessons From an Ad Man, Rory Sutherland
Marketing is key when you’re starting a new business and it’s all about perception and being able to see the unseen according to Rory Sutherland.