Meet the Participants!

Our Meet the Participants page is updated with the Fall 2014 class, so now you can see participants in both of the current classes.
It’s amazing to me how diverse this group is.  Different skills and interests aside, they all share a grinder mentality that we value greatly.  These aren’t just the type to dream big or hang out at entrepreneurship conferences, these are people who are willing to work their butts off even when it’s inglorious so they can create value and get closer to their goals.
I call it the sleep in your car test.  You’re either the type of person who’s willing to sleep in your car to achieve what you want or you’re not.  We don’t actually make participants sleep in their cars, but it’s the kind of work ethic plus relentless determination we look for in the application process.  It comes in many forms and with many personality types, but the ability to just get sh*t done tops everything for us.
Want to join these entrepreneurial young people?  Apply today.  It’s free, quick, and could change your life.