Meet Praxis Fall Intern Jennifer Johnson

As Praxis continues to grow, we require more productive hands to help change the face of higher education. This fall, we’re welcoming Jennifer Johnson as our intern. Jen will join an exclusive group of young people who not only are exposed to much of the Praxis experience, but also can see how the company operates behind the scenes.
We’re excited to be welcoming Jennifer — a young disruptor in training herself — on to the team!

Jennifer Johnson is a junior at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP), pursuing a B.A. in Economics and a B.S. in Marketing. She is the current State Vice President for Pennsylvania Phi Beta Lambda, a part of FBLA-PBL. At IUP, she is also involved in her campus work as a Peer Adviser for the orientation program and works for Disability Support Services. Her involvement extends to Phi Gamma Nu business fraternity and helping the start up of a student run IUP website. She is heavily focused on economic research and especially energy economics.