Why Does Praxis Exist?

The mission of Praxis is to help young professionals discover and do what makes them come alive. Our team has the privilege of facilitating the launch from point A to point B where A is typically a place of uncertainty, and B is a professional career.
In short, we are in the business of literally changing people’s lives. Our community of participants and alumni is full of those eager to get real world work experience regardless of what path they took prior to joining the program. Here are a few types of people Praxis exists for:

Praxis exists for the college skeptic

Praxis is not a group of people who hate college. Whether you love or hate college, everyone can agree that there are a number of reasons to think critically about spending your time and money there. The average college graduate takes 6 years to graduate and is about $33k in debt. Even if you have a full ride, the opportunity cost of 4-6 years of your time is high.
Praxis works great for college skeptics because the program is a smaller commitment in terms of time and money with a proven ROI. Even if you finish the program and decide college is the next best step for you, you do so having spent a year directing your own education, building skills and a portfolio to show them, and having made more money than you spent in tuition.
If you’re doubtful that college is the right step for you, check out Praxis.

Praxis exists for the homeschool pioneer

Praxis is a natural fit for those who thrive in a self-directed education environment, which is everyday life for a homeschooler! Homeschoolers often spend their later school years developing their own curriculum and pursuing what interests them rather than begrudgingly sticking to a specific curriculum. Also, homeschoolers are often free of the social pressures of conformity since they’ve spent their whole lives forging a path that works best for them.
We’ve had numerous homeschool graduates excel in Praxis. You can, too!

Praxis exists for the gap year enthusiast

Students who pursue gap years do so with purpose. Whether they want to travel, volunteer, work, or something else, Praxis can fit into those plans.
The 6-month bootcamp is all online and a 10-15 hour per week time commitment, so you don’t have to be in a specific location to start Praxis. As long as you keep your Wednesday evenings clear for Praxis Wednesdays, you can spend the majority of your time on other things. Praxis incorporates travel as well, since our participants move to a new city to work for their apprenticeship.
We’ve had participants approach the program as a gap year before going to college as well as those who came in not knowing what their next step was after the program. The most important aspect is that they had a purpose for the year.
If you want to learn, travel, and work for a year to learn more about yourself, Praxis could be for you.

Praxis exists for the college dropout

When you think of college dropout, you probably think of two different types of people. It’s either the deadbeat who is too lazy to go to class or the brilliant entrepreneur whose time was better spent elsewhere. In reality, there are tons of reasons people drop out of college. The story I’ve heard most often in applicant interviews goes something like this:

You love learning. You actually look forward to your reading assignments and have notes prepared for your class discussion. You think, maybe it’ll be different this time. But you’re disappointed. Time after time, you’re unable to find anyone who cares about education the way you do in your high school – sometimes even the teachers!
College will be different, you think. At college, everyone is there to learn and because they care about their education. It’s not like high school where it’s mandatory.
And then you’re wrong.
College is like high school 2.0, only now you’re paying thousands of dollars to be there. Frustrated, you leave.

The Praxis community is like a safe haven for college dropouts with this story. Finally, they find themselves surrounded by others who are just as motivated and inspired as they are. Finally, they have advisors who challenge them. Finally.
If that sounds like the type of community you’d thrive in, come join us.

Praxis exists for the high school dropout

High school dropouts aren’t as common as college dropouts, but they can experience a similar level of frustration and impatience with formal schooling. For those eager to get into the working world, Praxis can be a great next step!
Praxis alumnus Charles Porges was one of our first high school dropouts:

As I progressed from each grade to the next, I felt more and more like a growing animal trapped inside a shrinking cage. When I realized that it was time to unleash my inner free-­thinking, sky-­shooting entrepreneur, I left high school to join Praxis.
Why spend the most enthusiastic years of my life sitting in classrooms when I can be growing into the world-­shaping businessman I’ve always wanted to be?

If you feel restless in school and are ready to move out on your own and work full time, consider Praxis.

Praxis exists for the college graduate

It’s important to reiterate: Praxis is not a group of people who hate college. College graduates are just as likely to thrive in our community as those who never set foot on campus. Our graduate participants might have even loved the time they spent in college! They come to Praxis because they want to continue their education. They want to learn how to build a portfolio of work that shows their skills and learn how to succeed in in the workforce. They want the same thing all of our participants do – to launch their career.
If you have a degree but still feel unprepared or uncertain, don’t count out the value Praxis can provide!

But Praxis isn’t for everybody

No program is for everyone; that’s the entire idea behind our “break the mold” tagline! There isn’t a single mold that fits for every person.
We have an entire Warning Label dedicated to reasons why Praxis might not be for you, but there are far more reasons why it might be. The best way to learn if the program is a fit for your goals is to apply. Even if you feel unsure, intimidated, or hesitant, I encourage you to fill out an application today. We aren’t going to ask about your GPA or any third party credentials or if you specifically fit into one of the categories above. We want to know who you are, what makes you come alive, and what you want to accomplish over the next year.
We are in the business of changing lives. And we’d love for you to join us.