Staying Out of Office Politics & Turning Down Family | Office Hours Podcast

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Questions covered this week:
  1. How should you respond to family members or close friends asking you to hire them?
  2. How do you stay above office politics in an environment where gossiping is the preferred method of building social capital?
Also covered in this episode:
  • Everyone has something to offer you and you should see every interaction as an exchange of some kind
  • Whether or not we have a moral responsibility to remain in toxic relationships
  • Recognizing that no one owes you anything and you owe nothing to anybody will help you realize your own agency when making choices
  • The idea of considering your non-negotiables when decision-making
  • Telling the truth isn’t as detrimental as we think it is
  • Most people will not tell you your weaknesses
  • Not everyone is worth building social capital with
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