Announcing the New Praxis Application Process

Things at Praxis rarely stay the same for very long. We are a team of innovators, discontent with stagnation or what becomes the status quo. The newest example: we gave our application process a makeover.
What’s new? Everything! The format is drastically different. Instead of submitting various stages and waiting for approval to move on to the next stage, we now have a portal that hosts a 5-day challenge. Each day you have a new task to complete, and completion of that task automatically unlocks the next one.
In this application, you’ll still tell us about yourself and what you’re looking to accomplish with the program but in ways that are faster, more fun, and more valuable to you.
This 5-day challenge format gives you a glimpse of what you can expect from the Praxis program — unrelenting value-creation. It’s a small taste to see if you’re up for the challenge of Praxis.
Here are some highlights of the new application process:

It mirrors the Praxis Bootcamp

At Praxis, we push participants to further their professional development and self-reflection through consistent content creation, self-driven projects, and daily habits. Praxis requires unrelenting creation, and the new daily challenge format mimics the concept of non-zero days.
The bootcamp is also difficult! It regularly makes participants uncomfortable as they have to take an additional step outside of their comfort zone with each professional development project. For applicants who consider themselves strong writers, get ready to share your writing with everyone on the internet by publishing it on Medium.
Some feedback from a current applicant:

Praxis is one of two places I can count on where excuses no longer exist, and I’m forced to grow beyond my expectations. Day 2 is EASILY the hardest thing I’ve done all year.

It’s fast

The old application process gave you a task and a deadline, and after you completed it, you waited on a review before moving to the next step. When taking all of the steps into account, the time from first application to final decision was taking as long as a month! Sure, we had applicants speed through the stages and finish in 2 weeks , but it was still too long of a process.
The new process takes less than a week: 1 task per day for 5 days. It’s impossible to get lost or lose momentum because the dashboard keeps track of your progress, giving you a visual reminder of what you’ve accomplished and what the next step is.
And here’s a hint: there’s nothing stopping you from doing more than 1 task in a day.

It’s fun

With a review looming over their heads at each step in the old application process, applicants spent time agonizing over their essays or video interviews, falling victim to the perfectionist mindset that prevented them from just “shipping it!”
The new process is like a game. Complete one challenge and move on to the next! You can watch the progress bar increase as you advance through the challenges and move toward 100% completion.
None of the tasks should take more than an hour, and we let you know how much time to expect to spend on each day, so you can plan ahead. Two of the days only require about 15 minutes of your time which make them an easy and fun addition to your schedule.

It’s valuable regardless of acceptance

Our goal at Praxis is to provide valuable content for anyone who visits our site, whether they become program participants or not. When you complete the new application process, you will have:

  • engaged in self reflection to clarify your goals for the next year
  • published an article on Medium
  • strengthened your ability to think creatively
  • learned the types of entry level roles startups are looking for
  • increased your decisiveness by interviewing under time constraints

Plus, you’ll have a better understanding of we expect in the Praxis program and if that’s a fit for you.
If you’ve been thinking about applying to Praxis, I encourage you to get started today! And let us know what you think of the new process.