Jobs at Praxis: Media Associate

Praxis Media Associate
We create a lot of audio and video content at Praxis.  So much that we need someone whose full time job is to make it awesome!
The PMA would shoot/edit/publish Praxis Daily videos on YouTube every morning, edit and post our weekly podcasts, produce and edit our curriculum videos, and produce and edit marketing videos.  You’d be in high demand from lots of departments and team members to make their awesome content ideas into something truly world-class.
We’re looking for someone who…

  • Is bananas about the Praxis mission
  • Reliable as the sunrise
  • Highly organized
  • Loves audio and video editing
  • Can do basic animation/graphic work
  • Has a good eye and enjoys shooting stills and video
  • Deeply annoyed by low-quality audio
  • Deeply annoyed by low-quality images and video
  • Highly organized
  • Loves tracking to-do’s and tasks, and gets excited crossing them off
  • Loves learning new stuff
  • Works fast
  • Admires great content
  • Admires great design
  • Loves making stuff better
  • Highly organized
  • Gets lost in projects regularly and doesn’t regret it
  • Highly organized (we mean it)

This is an entry level role, no prior work experience needed, but you need a portfolio of solid audio/video work and proof that you love to hustle.  Pay commensurate with amazingness, but expect 30-40k range, could be higher if you bring some serious thunder and experience.
Location is our new HQ in Charleston, SC.  Remote not an option, as this person will be relied on to help setup and regularly use our new audio/video studio!
Oh, and degree strongly not preferred.
How to apply?
There’s one and only one way.  If you try sending weird messages on other platforms, that won’t help.
Send one example of video work that shows what you can do, along with how long it took you to complete.
Email to