Here's what a spot in Praxis gets you:

Rigorous 6-Month
Professional Bootcamp

We'll help you level up and prepare for the real world before you begin your apprenticeship.

You’ll learn how to build a professional brand, develop a portfolio that showcases your talents to the world, and become a content creation machine.

You’ll also complete professional writing workshops, professional communication modules, and mock job interviews to make you undeniably valuable to businesses.

Finally, you’ll work weekly with professional advisors to learn the skills you need to succeed at your apprenticeship.

The full outline of the 6-month bootcamp.

Month 1:

How to Win Professional Opportunities

Start the program by completing exercises and advising sessions that help you create a personal website and a professional social media presence. Learn what it takes to create a valuable and marketable digital footprint in today's world and how to use that footprint to get new opportunities.

You will have access to over $1,000 worth of premium WordPress themes for your own websites and any professional projects you choose to take on.

Unsure where to get started? Don't worry. You'll be working with an advisor throughout the entire process.

Month 2:

How to Learn with Projects

Projects are the new resume and the best way to learn professional skills. During Month 2 of the bootcamp, we'll help you complete a professional project around an area of interest that helps you learn skills you'll need on the job and showcase your talents.

You will have access to hundreds of examples of real world projects that have helped people land jobs, get clients, build professional relationships, and more.

Month 3:

How to Create on Command

The top professionals today all have one thing in common: they are prolific creators. In this module, you'll learn how to create written content that "sells" and that helps you learn to create every day as a matter of habit.

Participants complete daily blogging challenges, work with a writing coach to get published on a major publication, and learn to get professional value out of platforms like Quora, LinkedIn, WordPress and Medium.

You'll finish the month with a portfolio of professional content and a thorough understanding of the creative process.

You will also begin the apprenticeship placement process during Month 3.

Month 4:

How to Be an Idea Machine

In month four, you’ll be busy with the Praxis placement team honing your email, interview skills, and ability to communicate what you have to offer as an apprentice. This isn’t just practice: you’ll be interviewing with real startups about real opportunities, and we’ll help you nail it and find the best fit.

But it doesn’t stop at placement! This module will also guide you through some intense challenges on how to learn more, learn faster, and become an idea machine.

The curriculum, coaching, community, and weekly discussions during this month will push you to workout your brain like a muscle. We’ll help you identify areas of focus, and create tangible products to document your learning along the way.

Month 5:

How to Build a Value Proposition

First impressions are big. You want to hit the ground running in your apprenticeship. We’ll work with you to craft specific skills and projects that will help you create value from day one at your business partner.

Even without prior experience or a high level of skill, we’ll show you how to impress from your first day on the job by demonstrating what you can do with a value proposition. A value prop is a simple tool to highlight your interests and strengths and apply them to a real world business context.

It’s a great (and challenging) way to push beyond ideas and learn to utilize your skills in a concrete context.

Month 6:

How to Use a Software 'Stack'

It’s not pancakes. A ‘stack’ is a fancy name for a set of software tools used to get work done. For a typical business, this means tools that handle email, calendars, customer database, file management, project management, marketing automation, data management, accounting, customer service, and more.

You’ll be matched with an awesome business for your apprenticeship by month six, getting ready to start work. You’ll have a leg-up by getting familiar with their software stack and learning to create one of your own. We’ve got some great tools and tips to help you master it.

Throughout the month, you'll also work with advisors and receive guidance on relocating for your apprenticeship experience.


6-Month Apprenticeship
at a Startup

Apprentice full time at a growing startup and make $15 per hour. You’ll work with successful professionals, complete self-directed projects, and develop skills and experiences that you can take anywhere.

This is where the rubber meets the road. The best learning comes from doing, and you’ll get a chance to work alongside some of the most successful ‘doers’ in the world.

The apprenticeship is designed to help you gain transferable career skills and life experience. Whether you’re at a software startup or growing media company, you’ll have an incredible experience and learn how to work in the real world.

It’s okay if you’re not a tech type! We focus on non-technical, entry-level roles like sales, marketing, and operations for our apprenticeships. You bring the relentless drive and we can get you the rest of the way.

It’s also okay if you have no idea what you want to do! The best way to discover it is by immersing yourself in your work and being exposed to all that goes in to a successful business.

Are Open Today

Think you have what it takes? Praxis admissions are rolling and have a monthly cap to ensure our participants get the experience they need. Classes fill up fast. Apply now for the next class, or classes up to nine months in advance.


How much does
it all cost?


Tuition covers the full one-year program, including 6-month intensive bootcamp, 6-month paid startup apprenticeship, and lifetime access to the Praxis network and events.

You will earn $14,400 during the apprenticeship portion of the program. That means you'll make more money during the program than you'll pay in tuition.


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