Apprentice at a growing business.


Get matched with a full-time, paid apprenticeship without the cost or hassle of college. No degree required.

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Build skills. Get hired. Grow your network.

Discover career paths that excite you. Build the skills you need. Get real-world experience apprenticing at a growing business. Graduate with a full-time job.

Six months of personal development and hands-on business training that results in a full-time, paid apprenticeship at a growing startup. Guided by program coaches and experienced professionals.


Gain real-world experience that sets you up for long-term success. Develop confidence in your own abilities. Build a professional track record. Learn firsthand from entrepreneurs and professionals at top businesses. Graduate with a full-time job.

Join hundreds of other young professionals just like you all across the country who made their start without college. Learn together. Make friends. Collaborate on projects. Grow your network and your skills at the same time.

Proven performance in a variety of career tracts


average first-year income


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employed full-time at graduation

Your apprenticeship offers room for serious personal and professional growth. In a city with tons of opportunity—or fully remote.

Here’s how some of our graduates have grown after a few months in the Praxis program:

Hailey Lesué


Before Praxis: College opt-out, photographer, creative bank teller
At Graduation: ‍Hired full-time as an operations specialist at an educational nonprofit
City: ‍Arlington, VA
Year: ‍2019

Tyler Hawk


Before Praxis: ‍Associate’s degree, Technical support at an Apple Store
At Graduation: ‍Hired full-time as the Director of Marketing at a fintech company
Location: ‍Remote
Year: ‍2020

Jackie Blum


Before Praxis: College grad, elementary school teacher
At Graduation: Hired full-time in sales at a tech company
City: St. Petersburg, FL
Year: 2018

Olivia van Wormer


olivia (1 of 1)

Before Praxis: ‍Homeschooled, college opt-out, world traveler, sushi chef
At Graduation: ‍Hired full-time in sales at a tech company
Location: ‍‍San Francisco, CA
Year: ‍2016

Cassius Carvalho


Before Praxis: ‍College opt-out, high school student in Brazil, Product Engineering Intern
At Graduation: ‍Hired full-time as an Advertising Operations Manager at a tech startup
Location: ‍‍Remote
Year: ‍2017

Mitch Broderick


Before Praxis: ‍College dropout, working in food services
At Graduation: ‍Hired full-time in sales at a media company
City: ‍Charleston, SC
Year: 2014

Access to top companies across the United States

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what grads are saying.

Still have questions? That’s okay. We’ve got you covered.

Our program will help you gain the skills, context, and network that will set you up for success in the real world.

It is designed to challenge you and to prepare you for the real world. Unlike college, our goal is not to get you to graduation. It’s to help you discover work that makes you come alive—and to help you start strong. Our cost reflects another important value of ours, too: deliver more value than you take. Which is exactly what we aim to do. Because starting strong is hard enough as it is without student debt. But ultimately, the choice is up to you. Are you ready to break the mold?

The bootcamp makes up the first six months of the program where you’ll discover career interests that fit your strengths, build valuable business skills, and create a portfolio of projects that will stand out on the job market and open up new opportunities.

The bootcamp is 100% remote, so you can do it from anywhere. It combines a project-based curriculum with bi-weekly live workshops and guidance from program coaches and experienced professionals that hold you accountable to your goals, not ours.

The bootcamp requires a 10-15 hour weekly time commitment that is flexible to your schedule.

Participants land exciting opportunities at a variety of growing businesses and tech startups all across the country (and remote). Most of the roles are entry-level positions on the business side of a company (sales, marketing, operations) that are ideal for talented, hard working young people who can learn quickly and independently. All the opportunities that participants land are full-time and offer long-term growth opportunities. Graduates average a first-year salary of $50,000.

Tuition is $12,000—which covers the full cost of our program and job placement, in addition to lifetime membership in our community. Ultimately, we don’t want cost to stand in your way or cause unnecessary stress during your program experience. Which is why we also offer you the option to defer tuition until you graduate with a job. Plus, our tuition is backed by a full guarantee—if you don’t get hired within six months of completing the bootcamp, no matter what payment option you choose, you’ll get your money back.

Most participants do relocate to growing cities across the country for their job opportunities. Don’t worry, we won’t force you to accept a job you’re unsure about or move to a new city you don’t want to. Our placement team partners with you throughout the process to help you find the best early-career opportunities that fit your interests.

We don’t care about your GPA, who your parents know, or your credentials. We’re seeking ambitious individuals who want to build a professional life they love and are capable of being positive contributors to our growing community. If you like to work, are intellectually curious, and have a little courage, we would love to get to know you better through the application process.

See how far one year investing in yourself can take you. Apply now.

You could be working an awesome job at a top company in a new city in less time than it takes to get semester grades back. What are you waiting for? Join hundreds of others who are breaking the mold!